When designing a perfume for an application, a Knowledge of the designers intended imagination should lead the Assignment throughout.

The essence of the art must be captured in the aroma and the fineness, offering an expression from the sense of the designer and providing the clients an opportunity to experience the creation personally.


Measure of Success

Honest compliments and beautiful review analytics help in increase of sales figures as well as improvisation of the working operations at Silverstar.

“A perfect balance of the notes is a Speciality of Silverstar’s fragrances…..”

“Fineness in the fragrance makes it international, imparting an aesthetic feel to our products……”

“A wide range of creative profiles and their applicability in the respective end product is their USP”


Discipline is one of our has-to-be behaviour, which grows day by day in a positive manner in the working style of our employees. This helps to maintain the reputation and improvise the way we look up to any member of the company irrespective of the hierarchical level. We welcome those who believe in sharing our motivation whether it is a small or a big achievement.

A humble response to our clients and vice versa is a style of working at Silverstar. Feedback regarding our fragrances whether positive or negative is appreciable and helps us to come up with better nuances thereafter. We believe in substantial growth which comes only by experience and humbleness in behaviour. Give us an opportunity to bond with you and you will appreciate our integrity. Acceptance is a quality we sow in our juniors which grows in them at every level of learning. This makes our employee a well experienced and  learned individual.



Our team at Silverstar embosses a lasting impression on the brand of our client by designing the aromas using our inhouse speciality chemicals and an affable level of communication.
Our focus is always to remain on the product of the Buyer. Our fragrances are blended imaginations converted into expressive aromas designed with simplicity in mind.



The team at Silverstar follows absolute professional pattern of working. Motivation, discipline, Trust, Ethical standards, Humbleness are a five point success strategy of our team. Dedication to one assignment at a time is a ladder to sure success which is followed by every team in the organization.

We motivate our Fragrance designers by providing them the necessary exposure to natural elements as well as keeping them free from the time based chains of work pressure. This helps our perfumers grow in an innovative field of specialisation as well as offers them a space to enjoy the freedom of selecting varying shades of aroma chemicals.

Our team is well trained and has strong belief in their skills. We make sure that our work develops trust in business deals with our clients in such a way that a worthy lasting relation is built between us.

Every company has specific standards of working ethics. We strictly train our employees to help them grow professionally as well as personally into well dignified personalities of their future. Since the training provided at Silverstar develops work ethics in every employee, it helps the company focus on its objectives more than other matters.

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