Silverstar Fragrances – a name associated with manufacturer of quality fragrances. Our fragrances are being extensively applied in many products. Delicate nuance of perfumes is our speciality. We offer a wide range of perfumes which are solely produced by us.

Sample our perfumes once. They will communicate with you in their own language – you will understand it instantly. They will themselves tell you in which product they are the best suited.  They are natural in their specialized field, and you will be providing them the opportunity to do so.

We are proud of our service and quality of our products. We have created a successful array of Fragrances that are unique and effectively applied in Household range to Roll on or Oudh applications.

When it comes to quality, no compromise under any circumstances. From raw materials to finished products, quality is always maintained.  Let us know your needs and we will accept any challenge to fulfill them.  Prompt and efficient service to our valued customers is our forte. Your convenience and comfort is important to us and your satisfaction comes above everything else.

Let our fragrances meet your products. If you want to say ‘Wow’ to a fragrance, reserve it till you sample our products.

Silverstar is committed to understand your product and offer you the best possible solution. We do this with complete dedication and our every client and their every need is equally important to us.

Our expert team has the experience and knowledge that keeps them abreast with changing trends in markets. Some unique blends from our experts make our fragrances special. Our research team would help you launch your product with a signature fragrance associated with it. You and you alone will have this product. Be assured of the quality and stability when you are with Silverstar. Your requirement may be a few grams or kilograms or higher, we are here to satisfy you.

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